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June 7

Why Emotional Videos Are Effective and How They Can Help Your Business

Emotional videos are effective and can help your business a great deal. But when we say emotional videos, know that it doesn’t mean that the videos are full of crying people and dramatic scenes.

There are videos with that kind of content, but you can make your videos emotional without showing even a single tear from the main character.

In this post, we will talk about these things:

  1. Why are emotional videos effective?
  2. How can emotional videos help your business?
  3. What should you do to make your videos “emotional”?
  4. Are emotional videos effective regardless of your industry?
  5. Why do people love stories?

Let’s get started.

Why Emotional Videos Are Effective and How They Can Help Your Business

We all want our audience to watch the videos we post, but people have different preferences, sensitivity levels, and ways of thinking, so it’s not easy to come up with a video idea that is sure to grab the attention and hearts of many people. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

The thing is, even though people are different, there is one thing they all have in common: They are all emotional beings. Although the things that trigger an emotional response from them are not the same, you don’t have to attract everyone in the world to achieve your goals—so no worries!

And it also won’t help if you try to attract all of them to your brand because quality is more important than quantity when it comes to your audience. What’s the use of having a million followers if only 1,583 care about you?

Why Emotional Videos Are Effective and How They Can Help Your Business

You can affect your target audience emotionally with your videos through your brand and video elements, such as colors, fonts, graphical styles, textures, and music. But another effective way is to incorporate stories into your videos. Storytelling!

There are a lot more reasons why emotional videos are effective. Let’s dive in.

1. Many People Base Their Purchasing Decisions on Emotions

This is not news. You may also be basing your purchasing decisions on your emotions. You may not notice it, but there are times in your life when you bought something because you “felt” you needed it or didn’t buy something because you didn’t feel like buying it.

You’re not alone. There are many people like you who are overly influenced by their emotions when buying things. That said, the next time you post an ad, instead of talking about the features, tell them how your product or service will help them live better.

It will also help if you imagine how other people will feel when they see it.

2. Videos Are Better Than Graphics When It Comes to Storytelling

We’re not saying that images and static graphics are incapable of making people emotional because we know too well that it is possible to hit your audience’s emotions by simply sharing an image that tells a thousand stories.

But it is undeniable that it is more effective to use videos when the goal is to affect the audience emotionally because the videos are moving and have sounds. Just add sad background music to your video and anyone who watches it will definitely feel sad by the end. Try it!

3. People Would More Likely Remember Your Brand If You Left a Mark on Their Hearts

So why should you post emotional videos every now and then? It is because people will more likely remember your brand if you left a mark on their hearts, and it’s as simple as that!

Why Emotional Videos Are Effective and How They Can Help Your Business

We do not immediately forget the people and things that have affected our hearts. In fact, sometimes, the reason why we feel the emotion we feel today is because of what happened in the past.

4. Emotional Videos Are Relatable

Each person has their own way of connecting with other people, and one way is connecting through emotions. It affects us in some way when someone tells us an emotional story. Why? Because—here we go again—people are emotional beings! And that’s why we’re talking about this now.

If you want the videos you post to be effective, you need to make them relatable so that people become interested and feel compelled to share them with their own circle. If you do this right, it will have a huge impact on your marketing and you will reach more people faster.

5. Strong Connections Happen on an Emotional Level

When you look at people and things that you think you will find hard to let go of, you will realize that it is because you are emotionally connected to them.

You are afraid of losing your parents because you love them. You don’t want to throw away things you own because a close friend gave them to you. And the list goes on.

Strong connections happen on an emotional level, so if you want your audience to be loyal to you, you must build an emotional connection with them. You can use it by sharing valuable emotional videos.


It’s not necessary that all the videos you publish are emotional because, who in the world wants to always be emotional? There are times when your audience wants to learn from you, and during those times, it’s better to post videos they can learn from.

Emotional videos don’t have to be full of tears. Sadness isn’t the only emotion people feel. Sometimes, they want to watch lighthearted videos, or videos that make them laugh so hard. If you want to reach your goals faster, give them what they want!

But in a nutshell, here are the reasons why you should post emotional videos:

  1. Most of your audience buy based on their emotions.
  2. You can tell stories better with videos.
  3. Leave a mark on their hearts if you don’t want to be forgotten.
  4. Emotional videos are relatable.
  5. Strong connections happen on an emotional level.

If you have a video idea in mind that you want to bring to life but don’t know how to, we can help you with that. Have a free scripting session with us here!


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