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March 7

Remarkable 15% Clicks to Leads Conversion with Targeted Video Campaign


Optimization through machine learning, algorithmic and manual efforts.


The average CPL was decreased by over 31% over the course of the campaign.


Campaign achieved a 15% clicks to leads conversion and the lowest possible cost per lead

The Client*, an insurance company, recently partnered with our agency to execute a lead generation campaign using display advertising. The primary objective was to drive online insurance quotes and generate new leads from the web while achieving the lowest possible cost per lead (CPL).

Our approach involved targeting English-speaking adults aged 25-55, equally targeting males and females. We utilized AcuityAds' consumer interest profiles to reach Car Insurance Seekers and Home Insurance Seekers. The campaign was geographically targeted to specific Canadian provinces, including Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, and the Maritimes.

Through a combination of automatic (machine learning, algorithmic) and manual optimization, we successfully delivered over 34 million impressions. The campaign resulted in an impressive average conversion rate of 15% for clicks to leads. Moreover, our optimization efforts led to a decrease in the average CPL by over 31% throughout the campaign.

One of the key highlights of this project was the seamless video production process. While the client expected the process to take well over six months based on their past experiences, our SevenPlus package allowed us to complete the production in just 100 days. The client's prompt feedback and our meticulous double-checking process ensured that all changes were implemented efficiently, avoiding any wasted time on repeating instructions.

The client expressed great satisfaction with the comprehensive library of video clips and assets resulting from the video shoots. These assets were instrumental in enhancing their campaign elements, such as incorporating photographs from the shoot to build compelling landing pages. Our team at Socialize Video worked closely with the client's team to seamlessly integrate the video content into their website, further elevating the campaign's impact.

The success of this campaign demonstrates the power of targeted video advertising in driving conversions and generating leads. By leveraging data-driven targeting, optimization techniques, and a streamlined video production process, we were able to exceed the client's expectations and deliver outstanding results.

*Thanks to our partnership with Illumin


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