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November 10

Sparkling Success: Elevating Your Jewelry Business Through Social Media Growth

Over his career as a jeweler, Micah honed the skill of crafting exquisite one-of-a-kind pieces for his jewelry business, yet, he found himself struggling to effectively communicate his story and the value of his work in a highly competitive market like social media.

Firstly, Micah was faced with two challenges, not only did he need a video production partner that understood his target audience, but he also required one capable of showcasing his customer jewelry services in an authentic and artistic manner. Most production companies he met were primarily focused on creating polished commercials and wedding videos, far from the niche, artisanal narrative he wanted to convey.

As Micah fully realized the potential of video to connect with customers on a deeper level — provided they were thoughtfully crafted — he did not have the necessary expertise. Along with a desire to further drive his business to the top and to find a true marketing partner, he searched for the one who could bridge the gap between his decades of jewelry expertise and the art of engaging storytelling through video.

The conclusion of Micah’s search was finding us, Socialize Video! Our collaborative efforts bore fruit in the form of a captivating video series introducing Micah’s personalized jewelry services to his market. The team crafted highly engaging scripts tailored to connect emotionally with his target customer base. We captured Micah designing beautiful custom pieces in his workshop. The polished videos authentically conveyed his passion and expertise.

Reel Performance

Our seasoned team of experts meticulously crafted scripts that emotionally resonated with his specific customer base. Without a doubt, the resulting videos not only showcased his passion but also conveyed his expertise.

Let’s take a look at the performance of the campaigns we launched to make this possible:

The reel published back on August 14th, called “Because Bling is Your Thing,” created a steady increase in the reach in only a matter of days, which skyrocketed to 2,521 people for the month of August 2023.

Short and straightforward social media copy works best for Innovative Custom Jewelry. Take a look at our reel posted on Facebook.

Additionally, our short-form videos as YouTube ads launched between August 1 – 31, 2023, delivered great numbers. The video called “Golden Memories” has reached 7,784 impressions—which means it’s the number of times the video was shown to a number of unique viewers. The “Black Jewelry That Matches Any Classic Outfit,” comes in second place for the highest number of impressions with a whopping 6,447 and has been viewed 3,169 times.

Soft-selling is more effective.

In only a month, these organic videos have already matched or are neck-and-neck with the performance of some of our paid campaigns as well. Our data shows that the organic Facebook reach for August 2023 was 5,136, very close to our paid reach at 5,868.

Not sold on the idea that video can propel you to greater heights? No problem, we’ll let data do the talking. Our data shows that from February 2023 to April 2023, the page’s reach had a steady increase at 1.92%. Don’t let the number fool you, as a matter of fact, it shows that it never dipped nor dropped but only kept going up.

2023 April Performance

The videos struck a chord with their viewers because they were carefully tailored to align with Micah’s customers. The strategic narrative directly addressed their desire for one-of-a-kind jewelry and appreciation for craftsmanship. It was all about capturing Micah’s authenticity and passion on screen. Our success capturing these feelings built an emotional connection with audiences that stale and generic marketing campaigns could not replicate.

Results Matter

In just eight months after launching the strategic video marketing program on social media and his website, Micah saw conversions and revenue growth of over 60% by expanding the visibility of his varied offerings.

Digital ads helped drive traffic and expanded the reach of the videos within his community. Many who discovered Innovative Custom Jewelry through the videos found themselves wanting to hire Micah to create a custom piece for them (or for a gift). In the end, the key to success lay in the art of crafting compelling videos that specifically aligned with Micah’s audience, paired with high-quality editing. Each piece of content was created with as much care as his jewelry designs.

Impressed with the videos done, Micah noted that he never realized the untapped potential of video marketing until we were working together. We showed him that working with us is as simple as just getting started, and once the ball was rolling, he mentioned that he wished he had done this years ago.

Work With Us

The value we provided (and continue to provide!) Innovative Custom Jewelry speaks for itself. We are proud to have positioned Micah to showcase his business in the best light possible, crafting masterful content that his customers adored. He has now become the go-to name in custom jewelry, not only in his community, but also in adjacent communities.

Work with us and we’ll make the perfect video marketing content that takes your business to the next level. Our team of experts covers all aspects of video marketing, from concept to production, ensuring visually stunning videos that fit your budget. We prioritize strong client relationships, functioning as an extension of your team by understanding your brand and objectives. Choose us to boost your brand, drive conversions, and engage your audience. We’ll be your trusted partner for success!


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