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December 20

How inForm Architecture Doubled in Size After Working With Us At Socialize

SME Companies, Take Note! The Winchester Won the West, but Socialize Video Wins Business

inForm Architecture, a SME firm, reached out to us with a goal: to become a preferred vendor for a large construction company. Working with us at Socialize helped showcase their talent in a way static materials couldn’t. Target set, so we got to it!

Start With Strategy: What’s Most Persuasive? Customer Testimonial Videos!

As experts in architecting highly-customized spaces, inForm needed to demonstrate their unique value proposition of designing purpose-built facilities tailored to each client. Working collaboratively with our strategists, they agreed that client testimonial videos would resonate best.

We interviewed two of inForm’s satisfied clients – both credit unions for whom inForm had built new branch buildings. The first highlighted how inForm nailed their vision for a clean, high-tech space that matched their brand.

The second shared their delight finding a stunning custom design that exceeded expectations by a mile!

Both emphasized how deeply inForm worked to understand functional needs and preferences through their proven process. The sincerity and specificity coming straight from clients carried immense credibility.

Working With Us at Socialize, We Elevate Your Content, Literally!

To supplement, our production team captured beautiful drone and interior footage showing off the innovative builds. The combined testimonials and visuals brought the quality of inForm’s work to life unlike any brochure could that’s how, working with us at Socialize, elevates your business.

Making Videos to Use Across Platform and Place

inForm shared the relatable videos where their target construction firms would see them best – trade events, direct emails, and targeted online ads. The authenticity and emotional resonance in the testimonials particularly helped them stand out from competitors.

The videos also found a home on inForm’s website, demonstrating their capability to design spaces fully tailored to each business. By showcasing their process and results, the videos built trust in inForm’s ability to collaborate closely for custom success.

The Outcome of Customer Testimonial Videos at inForm Architecture

The impact was tremendous. By effectively spotlighting their expertise and value, working with us at Socialize made inForm received preferred vendor status with three top regional construction firms – leading directly to doubling their business within a year.

“We could never have conveyed our story as powerfully without the remarkable videos from Socialize,” said Rob Smith, inForm Founder. “They enabled us to visualize our shared success with clients in an incredibly engaging way.”

Creating Measurable Success for Your Business? It’s What We Do

Helping niche yet talented firms like inForm expand through strategic video is Socialize Video’s passion. Let us showcase your greatest value visually with compelling videos tailored to your audience – the results speak for themselves.


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