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October 28

How Socialize Video Can Help Your Business

The Need for Video

Today, tomorrow, and beyond, it is a fact that we are really living in the digital age. It’s like we are surfing this massive wave of technology, and to stay on top, businesses need to ride the wave just right to keep ‘afloat’. And guess what’s making the biggest splash these days? It’s video content.

One of the most effective ways to market content is through video, and rightfully so, as studies show that viewers retain 95% of a message when watching a video versus 10% when reading text. (2023 Report: Most Important Marketing Stats in the Software & SaaS Industry, Insivia)

And it’s not just a few businesses that are riding the ‘video marketing wave’. 81% of successful businesses are using video as a marketing tool. It’s clear that video is not just a trend, but a critical component of a business strategy.

Incorporating video content is such an open secret, everybody is a bit hush-hush with it, but we all know it’s the most effective ‘ingredient’ to their marketing efforts. It can help you connect with your audience, convey your message more effectively, and drive business growth. From product demos and customer testimonials to behind-the-scenes peeks into your operations, video brings brands to life.

Here at Socialize Video, we’ll help you harness the power of video and ensure your message makes a splash with your audience.

Who We Are

We are a service that helps businesses build their video and graphical content for marketing purposes. We believe in the power of video as a critical marketing tool and are committed to helping businesses reach their goals, from planning, creating, and implementing video content.

Our services include video editing, animation, and local filming. We’ll get your business hit the ground running with our tailored approach for your brand’s needs. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, we’ve got the expertise and resources to help you succeed.

Services Offered:

Video Editing: We can transform your raw footage into a polished final product that effectively conveys your brand’s story. What’s a good video without good storytelling, right? We’ve got a whole house of scriptwriters, videographers, and people with the knowledge to make a video that works!

Animation: We’ll create engaging 2D animated videos that can capture your audience’s attention. This service can significantly enhance the quality of your content, making it more visually appealing. 

Local Filming: We’ll film in your local area or wherever you need, ensuring that your videos have the right context and feel.

To know more about packages, click here

Our Clients 

Companies are choosing us for their video content needs because we offer a comprehensive suite of services. Our team of experts can get you that high-quality video that aligns with your company’s brand and objectives.

Client testimonials are our proof that what we do – works. We make sure that all social channels are covered, and all formats for each platform are optimized. Just take a look at our previous works here!

The companies mentioned have been with us for a good amount of time and they know that the services we offer are what makes them a step ahead of the curve.

To name a few of what we do for them per platform:

Video Marketing Collaterals:

  • Facebook/Instagram reels
  • Youtube video and shorts
  • Social Media Management
  • Long-form video content
  • 2D animations
  • Short-form video content

Keep in mind that we aren’t just slapping pretty videos online and considering the job done. Our videos are well-directed, researched, and scripted by our experts to maximize the brand’s messages per social platform. They are also optimized for SEO to enable wider reach and searchable for all target audiences. 

What’s It Like Working With Us?

Working with us is simple and flexible. Just ask the guys at Landmarks West! We will help you all the way, offering complete transparency and getting you involved in the whole operation. 

What truly sets us apart from the competition is our planning process. We build an atmosphere that encourages collaboration across all our departments that can handle all queries that your content needs to be addressed. This approach guarantees that everyone is involved and is well-informed and aligned, which is crucial for any project. 

On top of that, our easy packages are sure to fit your timeline and needs. Partnering with experts like us can help you unlock the full potential of your video content to make it more engaging and impactful. We strive to drive better results in the ever-evolving world of digital media marketing. 

Are You Ready to Crank It Up to 10? 

Choosing to work with us at Socialize Video isn’t just a decision; it’s an investment in the future of your business. We recognize the undeniable power of video content and our commitment to helping you succeed. 

Our team of seasoned professionals can bring your brand’s vision to life with creativity and expertise. Our track record of proven success with our clients isn’t a mere stroke of luck. We understand what it takes to generate ROI and believe in our ability to elevate your businesses. Our tailored approach customizes our services for businesses, both big and small, to meet unique needs and objectives.

If you’re still unconvinced, check out our client feedback! We pride ourselves on our process and always promote collaboration. It’s not just a service, it’s an experience! The question is, are you ready to take your business to new heights? Drop us a message today and let’s get things done.


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