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Turn Your Smartphone Into a Video Marketing Machine: How Eunicia Did It


Many businesses think video marketing is difficult, but what they don’t know is that it’s difficult because they think they need an expensive camera. But an expensive camera is just a bonus. In reality, it’s enough that people see you and hear what you say clearly.

There are also some who think that the videos they post must always be new and created by a high-end video production team, but the audience doesn’t care. Has anyone ever asked you who edited your videos? I bet no one has!

There are many misconceptions in the world of video marketing that prevent businesses from doing it, so we’ll share one client story that will show you that it is 100% possible to turn your smartphone into a video marketing machine.

Turn Your Smartphone Into a Video Marketing Machine: How Eunicia Did It

It’s true that when you make your videos with a video production agency, the results will be good. However, it doesn’t mean that nothing good will happen if you choose to be resourceful and use what you have, such as your smartphone. Eunicia will agree.

Eunicia, one of our clients, was able to save costs by setting up her own smartphone and taking her own videos. Filming is not always expensive but it requires a certain amount of budget and time that you can use for other things.

In Eunicia’s case, she wanted her budget to go for editing the video, so we can dress her videos up a bit and format the videos to fit every social media platform—and so she can save more time.

Sometimes, there is a need to add subtitles and other video elements to make the videos look more presentable and so they can become audience-friendly. Sizes and ratios also need to be changed because social media platforms are not the same. That’s what we do.

Here are examples of videos that Eunicia posts on social media:

You don’t need a camera that costs thousands of dollars to produce videos that your audience will love, so if the reason you don’t use video marketing is that you don’t have that $5,000 camera your competitors use, remember that it’s okay to turn your smartphone into a video marketing machine.

People are not only attracted to beautiful things but also to real things and people. When you are real and honest with people, they will be more able to connect with you because they will see that you are also human, like them.

And it’s better to start with what you have than to not start at all for the reason that you think your efforts will go to waste because you don’t have the perfect equipment. In video marketing, the most important thing is to take the first step because you’ll go nowhere if you don’t do anything.

Breaking Masterclasses Into Bites

There is a similarity to what Eunicia and ClearUnited have been doing for them to have stocks of video content that last not just days but weeks. It is by breaking long videos into small bites. If you haven’t read ClearUnited’s content creation process, read it here.

Our process for ClearUnited and Eunicia is just the same. First, our team will watch the videos and find the parts that answer questions that the audience might want to ask. After that, the video editor will take those parts from the video.

Turn Your Smartphone Into a Video Marketing Machine: How Eunicia Did It

This is an efficient way to make creating videos not time-consuming and expensive for you. Creating one video usually takes a month or more. If you make a video from scratch every single time, you may be able to post just one video per month. That’s not good for your brand.

Eunicia has been able to produce good videos for her audience without spending a lot of money, so if she can do it, then you can do it too! When getting started with video marketing, keep in mind that the camera you use doesn’t matter so much. You just have to start.

And if you have conducted masterclasses or webinars in the past, you may want to consider repurposing those so you don’t run out of video content in the next few days. It’s possible to have a month’s worth of content in one day!


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