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February 26

Discover SevenPlus: The Must-Have Video Strategy That Benefits Any Business

Meet Your Customers’ Needs Before They Have to Ask

Many businesses are tackling their video strategy from the wrong end. They're all in for social media buzz and compelling ads, but there's a big miss in the equation: top-notch ads are funneling potential customers to underwhelming websites.

Take a look at Mosquito Shield, a pest control franchise, as a prime example. Their adoption of the SevenPlus video strategy illustrates perfectly how these seven crucial videos synergize to enhance and clarify your marketing message, ultimately driving up revenue and boosting conversion rates.

What Is A Playbook

Imagine holding a master key that unlocks the deepest insights of your industry, outmaneuvers your competition, and resonates powerfully with your target audience. That's the essence of our Playbook. It's not just a document; it's a comprehensive strategy crafted after diving deep into the core of your brand, understanding its place in the market, and identifying how it stands out from the competition. Click the image to see the full PDF.

Click to

Creating a Playbook means we meticulously analyze every angle of your brand before we even think about scripting. It's about laying the groundwork for messaging that doesn't just speak to your audience but sings to them. With a detailed storyboard in hand, you'll have a clear vision of what your videos will showcase, scene by scene, before any filming or animating kicks off.

Think of it as the architectural blueprint for your entire SevenPlus package. It's the foundation upon which all your video content will be built, ensuring that from the first frame to the last, your videos are perfectly aligned with your marketing goals. This preparatory phase is crucial, setting the stage for video content that's not only engaging but also strategically targeted to achieve maximum impact.

#1 Video Ads | Motivate Action with Strategic Offer Videos That Speak to Viewers’ Needs 

Offer videos motivate viewers towards a specific call-to-action, like clicking to a landing page. As the first touchpoint, the messaging must instantly intrigue while speaking directly to audience motivations.

#2 Main Homepage Video | Powerful Homepage Videos That Make a Lasting Impact 

The homepage video makes a crucial first impression to visitors. It must quickly capture attention, convey relevance, and lead viewers deeper into your site. Give users a bird’s-eye-view of your brand, and don’t bury them in details. Simply let them know they’re in the right place to solve their problem and direct them to the next step.

#3 How It Works | Nurture Leads by Setting Clear Expectations from Start to Finish

You got users’ attention on your homepage and now they want more in-depth details on your brand. This means the processes, experiences, and outcomes they can expect if they choose to work with you. This video gives more detail, and usually includes the detail most clients

#4 About | Build Trust Through an Heartfelt About Us Video

Give users an inside look into the people, stories, and motivation that drives your team. In short, the let them know the why behind the brand. There are countless problems in the world, your company chose one to solve. Why?  Become relatable and earn  trust on a deeper level.

#5 Testimonials | Boost Confidence in Your Offering Through Authentic Customer Testimonials

Credible customer testimonial videos lend social validation and serve as authentic peer endorsements. They reduce perceived risk in trying your offering after hearing positive first-hand reviews from customers who took the risk and would do it again.

#6 Product Showcase | Guide Customers to your Product (or Service!) with Smart Showcase Videos

Product showcase videos highlight offerings, features and benefits to guide customers on selecting the ideal solutions based on their needs. It empowers smart buying decisions and respects customers’ time by proactively answering questions they’ll have.

#7 Customer Journey | Continue Delivering Value with Post-Purchase Videos That Wow New Users

Just because they bought doesn’t mean your brand’s work is done. An effective post-purchase video makes customers feel valued, not abandoned. Convey thanks, educate them on proper use, and invite them to provide feedback for further improvement. Work to make their entire experience good, not just to the point that they pay.

BONUS Clip Library | Clips From The Video Shoot

Make the most of your video shoots with a full clip library. Our team at Socialize Video will take all useable clips from the video and process them into a full library of materials that you can have future use how ever you'd like.

Campaign Results: Exceeding Benchmarks and Driving Targeted Awareness

The client's* targeted awareness campaign, focused on promoting long-form video content to both consumers and financial professionals, yielded impressive results. By leveraging Acuity's TrueReach® technology and a combination of strategic tactics, the campaign achieved over 1 million video completions, surpassing initial expectations.

One of the most notable metrics was the campaign's video completion rate (VCR), which reached an astonishing 72%. This far surpassed the benchmark of 45%, demonstrating the high level of engagement and interest generated by the video content. The client's message resonated strongly with the targeted audiences, keeping viewers engaged until the end of the videos.

The campaign's success can be attributed to the effective use of data-driven targeting strategies. By prospecting lookalike users, employing contextual keyword targeting, and utilizing 3rd party behavioral data from Bombora, the client was able to reach consumers actively seeking financial assistance and financial professionals interested in career opportunities. This targeted approach ensured that the right people were exposed to the client's message, maximizing the impact of the campaign.

Thanks to our partnership with Illumen. These numbers are taken from another home services brand than what's shown in videos above.


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