August 31

Videos For RV Parks and Campgrounds


As an RV park and campground, you have a lot of expenses to balance—park upgrades, booking fees, and perhaps expansion plans. For most, marketing budgets are pretty tight. But with today's importance on video marketing, you need to have a quality video to help promote and showcase your property!

Here are the potential challenges you face with getting a video created:

  • What should be showcased on your property
  • Getting actors or people to sign a release form
  • Knowing what angles are best
  • What benefits do customers want to know
  • Getting an editor to put it all together
  • Adding graphics that point out your property

Here's a great way to get a video made for your park while my family and I travel through your area. Right now, we're on a 6+ month trip across the US in our newly renovated RV. Getting a video made of your park is as simple as letting us stay at your park and I'll take care of the rest. Get a seasoned professional who knows what to do in order to get a professional video made.

Full-Video Example

Here's an example video from Fort Collins Lakeside KOA where I was able to capture some great shots of my family enjoying the great activities the park offers along with quality 3D text and maps elements to help the video pop.

Simple Video Example

Here's an example of a video that's simpler and most cost-conscious. The video focuses on the aerial shots with some simple text animation.

What Are The Costs?

Your first question is how much this will cost. Below are a few packages you'll want to consider. We can trade out the cost of our stay in the price if that's something that will help.


For the budget conscious park, often an aerial-focused video is all you need.



  • Aerial Drone Shoot
  • Simple Callout Text
  • Pro HD Editing
  • Commercial Music
  • Wide & Square Sizes

Get quality photos of your property added to your full video package.



  • Aerial Drone Shoot
  • 3D Callout Text
  • 3D Location Map
  • Commercial Music
  • Release Forms of My Family
  • Wide & Square Sizes
  • Photos of Property

More Examples

See more examples of videos I've made for other RV parks and campgrounds below.

What's Next?

Contact us and let my team and I help you create your RV park and campground video.


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