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June 4

Tri-City Orthodontics


Tri-City Orthodontics was testing out many different types of advertising. Before meeting Socialize Video, they were running pay-per-click campaigns and were getting mediocre results. After hearing of results from some of our other campaigns, they gave us a shot and they are glad they did.

Dr. Collette from Tri-City Orthodontics tried our video services. Through a combination of having a film crew come in to his office as well as filming on his smart phone we created hundreds of videos!

With quality videos carrying the message to his community it's no wonder that he would be recognized on the street as the "orthodontist." Who wouldn't want to be known for who they are and what quality product/service they offer?

Example Videos

Dr. Collette


To get that many leads before with my previous campaigns I had to spend 2-3 times as much money. They can help get you out in the public where it really matters and where people will recognize you!

Marketing Campaign

Visiting an orthodontist is not always a top priority, but undoubtedly, everyone wants a straight, beautiful smile. The idea for Tri-City Orthodontics was that we could create an ad that kept reminding people of the possibility of a better smile. We thought that that, combined with a good offer, would result in new patients coming in.

Not only did the campaigns bring in new potential patients but Tri-City Orthodontics were able to position themselves as the premiere orthodontic practice in their market. Take a look at the numbers.

Facebook Ad

Landing Page




New Leads In 60 Days




Estimated patient revenue

Bottom line? Don't make the mistake of running your social media campaigns without video! The stats are clear that results are best with video content. Get the help you need building your videos with Socialize Video!


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