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April 26

Beautiful Isn’t Always Better! Social Media Explainer Videos That Actually Perform

Video content has become a powerful tool for businesses to engage with their audience on social media. Besides, not all video production houses understand the nuances of creating content specifically for social media or for short-form consumption. Let’s take a closer look at how we, at Socialize Video, helped Solaray transform their beautiful video content into something effective for social media.

Why Solaray Reached Out for Help

Solaray had beautifully shot video content with stunning visuals and well-organized content. It had great interviews, camera work and supreme lighting. On the other hand, when it came to consuming content on social media, it was easily passed by and skipped over. Why did this happen?

How Social Users Respond to Content

According to Brendan Kane’s Book “Hook Point”, you only have 3-seconds to stop the scroll and grab people’s attention on social media. It is crucial to immediately convey the value or intrigue of your content to entice your viewers to stop scrolling. And in Solaray’s case, viewers didn’t have a clear idea of what was happening or why they should pay attention within those crucial 3 seconds. Clearly, this caused many potential viewers to scroll past and skip over the video, despite its high-quality production value.

Overcome this by including creative and attention-grabbing headlines, visuals, or intriguing questions that immediately pique the curiosity or interest of viewers, compelling them to pause and delve deeper into the content.

Everyone knows an example of this – movie trailers.

Great movie trailers are an art. They are designed to entice viewers’ attention, tease them into the scenes and capture the mood. Moreover, a popular design of a great movie trailer is when they show snippets of the plot ending and then roll back to the beginning where the key highlights of the movie are shown upfront to keep the audience hooked. It’s kind of a “mini-trailer” inside of a trailer.

The successful video example we have for Solaray was one of their “narrated videos” or ones with a voiceover. Indeed, when people take words from an interview to slap it on their videos it could result in lengthy, bland, and boring videos. It should be noted that instead of relying on their interview videos, we used Voice-overs to allow us to deliver the key message more concisely and consistently. 

Not all voice-overs are created equal. It’s important to understand as well the proper tone and mood when setting up voice-overs for your videos. You need to ensure that it also sounds professional, straight-to-the-point, and confident which would then make these videos more streamlined and create an engaging narrative that would capture the viewer’s attention.

Illustrated Explainer Videos

Short explainer videos are the best kind of format when it comes to conveying the key message you want across your audience. The best approach is to include motion graphics or illustrations, which we all know visuals are an integral element when it comes down to information dissemination. The reason is, one, it is easy to remember, and secondly, it gives the viewers something to latch onto to easily process information. Powerful, yet simple graphics is all you need for better “digestion” for the viewers. See our video for Solaray with the moving graphics of how their supplements or vitamins are designed to be absorbed by the human body.

Key Aspects of Our Winning Explainer Video for Solaray

It’s not magic, there are specific strategies we used for Solaray to deliver tangible results.

1. Setting the Plot and Tone

This creates the anchor for the audience to get into for a more personal and directly related to the human aspect of their lives. This also serves as the attention grabber to hook them into the first few seconds. A captivating introduction can pique the viewer’s curiosity and compel them to keep watching.

2. Use Broad and Easy-to-Understand Words 

When you’re in the wellness/medical industry, it’s incredibly hard not to avoid using complex terms or jargons to include in your video content. It could throw off the layman and confuse them thus losing their attention. This is why it’s important to make sure your videos are straightforward and simple. Make it direct and easily relatable for your potential audience. Creating a video that levels with your target audience sans the technical jargons is an effective way for viewers to understand the message conveyed.

3. Content Credibility

In one of the short videos for Solaray where a text was shown saying “Since 1973”, it is also another element for making a compelling content. This establishes a perception of stability, longevity, and experience, which can enhance credibility. It creates a sort of a “wow they’ve been that long” experience for viewers and sets their expectations that this company has accumulated knowledge and experience over the years making the brand more trustworthy.

Taking all of these into consideration, the result was a social media-ready video that effectively conveyed the message of Solaray’s content. Within the first few seconds, engaged the viewer with visuals, text and audio, and delivered a production. We believe that starting the video production process with a social media-centric approach can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your video content on social platforms.

Understand the Experience of Working With Socialize Video

Before we came in to help Solaray, their videos were great and they had a fantastic production group. However, it wasn’t utilized in a way that it can be used on different platforms such as social media. Working with us at Socialize Video, we want to get involved in helping make your content from the very beginning. We want to make sure that the videos you create resonate with your audience and get these techniques incorporated into your content.

Partnering with experts like us can help you unlock the full potential of your video content, make it more engaging and impactful. We strive to drive better results in the ever-evolving world of social media marketing. Want to know more about what we can do to help boost your online content and performance? Get started here.


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