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March 7

Reach 72% VCR with Targeted Awareness Campaign

long-form video content to consumers to find a financial professional


72% VCR (video completion rate) verses 45% benchmark in overall campaign.

Leveraged TrueReach® to identify low-noise weeks to increase Share of Attention®

Our client, a leading financial services company, recently partnered with our agency to drive targeted awareness for their B2B and B2C audiences. The primary objective was to promote long-form video content to two distinct groups: consumers seeking a financial professional and financial professionals interested in joining the client's team.

To achieve these goals, we leveraged Acuity's TrueReach® technology to identify low-noise weeks, maximizing the client's Share of Attention® while maintaining cost efficiency. Our strategy involved a combination of tactics, including prospecting lookalike users, contextual keyword targeting, and utilizing 3rd party behavioral data from Bombora to reach financial advisors and professionals.

One of the key aspects that set this campaign apart was the expertise of our team at Socialize Video in developing the long-form content videos. The client expressed great appreciation for the time they saved by working with our proactive professionals who connected the dots and moved the projects along efficiently. In their previous experiences with other video agencies, the client had to invest significant time in explaining and managing the process. However, our team's proactive approach alleviated this burden, allowing the client to focus on other critical aspects of their business.

Another standout feature of the campaign was our animation capabilities, which added a polished and professional feel to the videos. The client particularly appreciated the enhanced visual appeal and engagement that our animations brought to their content.

Through a combination of creative and tactic optimization done in real-time, we successfully strengthened the campaign's performance. The results speak for themselves: the campaign achieved over 1 million video completions with an impressive 72% video completion rate (VCR), surpassing the benchmark of 45%.

The success of this campaign highlights the power of targeted awareness strategies and the importance of partnering with a skilled video production team. By leveraging data-driven targeting, utilizing advanced technologies, and collaborating with our expert team at Socialize Video, our client was able to effectively reach their desired audiences and achieve remarkable engagement metrics.

If you're looking to drive targeted awareness for your B2B or B2C audiences through long-form video content, our team at Socialize Video is ready to help. With our expertise in video production, animation, and data-driven strategies, we can create compelling content that resonates with your target audience and delivers outstanding results.

Only possible with our partnership with Illumen.


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