March 3

Quality Videos For Auto Dent


Auto Dent Quality is a company that repairs your car when it's been in a hailstorm. That's all they do--hailstorm repair. To show off the quality of their work, they needed quality videos. That's where we come in. This is a great example of showing you how we found a local videographer in their area to film and we took care of everything else!

How It Starts

First we talked with John, one of the owners and discussed his needs. He wanted several videos promoting his business. He was taking advantage of social media ads and needed short videos that let people know the quality they bring. We suggested creating several 15 sec and 30 sec version ads covering each point of value they offer.

You can expect the same experience. You may not know what kinds of videos would best promote your business and that's okay! We'll walk you through what other customers found to be successful and customize to fit your message.

Promotional Videos

You'll see below that there were several key messages Auto Dent Quality needed to communicate. We created wide and square versions as well as 15 sec and 30 sec versions.

Testimonial Videos

Another key thing to capture when filming is to get customer testimonials. These can be gold especially with your social media advertising. 

It may take a little convincing to get your shy customers to come in. You may want to offer them a free gift or money off their next service. 

With Auto Dent Quality, we interviewed about a half dozen people and created a single video for each customer and then a compilation video of all the best from everyone.

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