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December 10

Post-Production on a Social Media Video Shoot: Mosquito Shield Case Study

Social media content doesn’t magically appear from raw footage, it requires a dedicated post-production team. Audio and color correction, graphics, and video editing are all part of transforming footage into useful content.

We did all of the above (and more) for Mosquito Shield on this project. The Socialize Video workflow is designed to push through common hangups to get videos completed, here’s how it looked on this social media video shoot project. We coordinated the logistics for the social media video shoot to ensure everything runs smoothly during the day of filming.

Social Media Video Shoot Post Production

Like all Socialize Video shoots, we got the footage within a day of filming, and started processing it within 24 hours. Our team creates a library of usable clips from the b-roll footage, pulls out stills from the footage, and color corrects/enhances footage to ensure the best possible quality. 

This is what content looks like immediately after filming. Surprise!

This process is essential for creating high-quality social media videos that meet the needs of a brand like Mosquito Shield. It’s also a factor that sets Socialize apart, as we start post production immediately instead of waiting for a pause in our schedule like many videographers do. 

Even better, we have multiple team members simultaneously working on the project from different angles. 

Audio Syncing and Color Correction

Before everything else, it’s important to ensure the audio and video is high quality and consistent from clip to clip. This is why our post production starts by syncing and correcting all footage. With a project like this with dozens of videos, it’s important that the audio and visual experience is the same from video to video.

All social media video shoot were mostly outdoors, our team diligently went through to ensure that changes in light or wind didn’t ruin footage.We actually found that the audio on one of the four interviews was almost completely distorted by the wind, but our team preserved it and you would never guess which!

The reality of live-action footage is that things don’t go perfectly. The sunlight changes, a truck drives by blowing its horn, a person walking by says hi. There’s a million ways for it to go wrong, and only one way to go right! 

It’s a mixture of preplanning and hands-on experience that determines how much content can be created. Our team at Socialize is prepared on both sides of this equation and demonstrated our post production chops on this one!

B-roll Footage and Stills

While syncing audio and correcting color, our team made notes and timestamped the footage to create B-roll footage and still photos. Doing this up front ensures that as editors are putting together finished products, they’ll have a whole folder of ready-to-go content that tells the story our clients want. 

Mosquito Shield is an example of a company that really benefits from solid B-roll footage because many customers don’t know what the Mosquito Shield treatment process looks like. Truth be told, neither did we, but because of all the B-roll and stills our team created, now we’re experts!

We put all this content in a folder to be used in our edits, and for Mosquito Shield’s use whenever they want. This folder is simply added value, full of marketing photos and footage that can be used wherever and whenever needed. 

Making Messaging Work

While video editors are optimizing the quality, our messaging team is going through the footage and piecing together the stories that can be told from the footage. 

A Socialize writer reviews raw footage, lists graphic callouts to create, and starts organizing the footage into the scripts

In this project, our writer was familiar with aspects of Mosquito Shield’s messaging, so he was able to guide the focus to particular aspects of the footage while avoiding cuts he knew brand leadership would be unenthusiastic about.

While footage was being corrected by editors, our writer made notes of unique value propositions to highlight and verbiage the company was keen on avoiding.

Our writer laid out several dozen scripts so Mosquito Shield would get a wealth of content, suitable for multiple uses and platforms.

Keep in mind, scripts are guidelines! This scripting process makes it far quicker and easier for editors to assemble the dozens (or sometimes hundreds) of clips into final products. Our writers find the message that’s possible to communicate, and our editors make it a reality.

Editing Footage & Inserting Graphics

ScriptsGraphicsCorrected FootageAudio

Once everyone has contributed their part, it’s time to put all the pieces together to create the final product. Socialize editors refer to scripts as a guide, then arrange the graphics appropriately before finally clipping the enhanced footage.

On this project, video editors followed this plan to a T, assembling a suite of videos for our client. They made the tough cuts, balancing message and speed in order to create content that was honest, accurate, and met the expectations of modern internet users.

Wrapping Up & Delivering

This was a really fun project to be involved in, and it’s always nice to see that your system works. Almost every department of the Socialize team was involved in bringing this project across the finish line, from founder to management, to individual creatives.

Best of all, the content we created has since opened up additional marketing opportunities for Mosquito Shield.

While not within the original scope of this project, Mosquito Shield has since asked us to create a customer experience landing page using the footage we got. It’s been great fun, a mixture of messaging, web design, and graphic design that has given their brand a competitive edge (and really allowed us to shine ?).

We look forward to sharing that one with you in the near future, stay tuned!


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