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October 19

Lake Park Campground & Cottages

RV parks and campgrounds have something great going for them. RV sales are through the roof and with the Corona pandemic people are left with very few vacationing options. That's why many are taking up Rv-ing or making several camping trips to keep their sanity from local shutdowns. 

As a park and campground you maybe enjoying the fruits fully booked campsites, which maybe a relief from earlier in this year when you were shut down, but with all this you need to remember that other campgrounds are enjoying the same. Competition is widening and unless you keep a top-notch marketing presence you could quickly get passed up.

Lake Park Campground & Cottages had invested in some content and marketing almost 5 years ago and it was time for an update. Even though not everything shown in this case study was accepted by the client we wanted to show you what we can do for campgrounds such as yourself.

Key Marketing Tools

Every RV park and campground show have the following marketing tools in place:

  • Clean & mobile responsive website (online booking integrations)
  • Video & pictures showcasing property and amenities
  • Google My Business, Yelp, Bing and other listings setup and in control of management
  • Ranking in Google Maps
  • Ranking in Youtube and Google

Now let's dive in and give examples of each of these...


It's not just enough to have a website. Potential visitors want to get an idea if your RV park and campsite will be to their liking. Not only will you have the amenities they want but also be a place to make quality memories. Will they feel comfortable? A clunky website will frustrate users and stock photos won't be specific enough to tell your story.

A website must...

  • Be clean and easy to navigate
  • Have many pictures and videos giving the right impression of your property
  • Look excellent on mobile devices since at least 50% of your traffic will be using their phones
  • Allow for easy booking

Does your website do all these things? Click below to see a demo website we can create for your property.

Showcase Video

Did you know that Cisco believes that over 80% of ALL consumed content online soon will be video. Your customers are demanding videos and plus you can communicate so much better with it.

A showcase video is a main video on your website that shows off your property. You want potential customers to easily be able to see what it will be like to stay there, what your amenities are and does it fit their liking. Those will large rigs want to get an idea of how to navigate to your location.

It's also important to have the human element in your videos. For example, let's say your property offers a playground. That playground will look much better if there are children in the swings and going down the slides in the video. We'll work with you to get candid shots that will help make your video look more appealing.


Particularly if you feature cabins on your property or rentable RVs, you'll need photos that show off what exactly your customers are purchasing. 

Business Listings

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers. When they're searching to find a campsite they'll more than likely come across your business's listings on one of these three platforms:

Unless you take control of these listings on each platform, you may be embarrassed to see what's there. You want to make sure your business is not only listed correctly but especially the pictures show off you property correctly.

Here's an example. Lake Park Cottages and Campground had this image on their

Unless you take control of these listings on each platform, you may be embarrassed to see what's there. You want to make sure your business is not only listed correctly but especially the pictures show off you property correctly.

This is a simple map search on Google looking for driving directions. It would be the same if you were searching for RV parks or campgrounds in your area.

Do you notice the first image--the largest image? What kind of impression does that give you?

It definitely could be a worse picture and the client put that there to show people that they were replacing pillows in all their cottages but that's not very clear. A potential client could easily get confused and not know where to go.

We can help you take control of your listings pages on the following platforms

  • Google My Business
  • Yelp (Salespeople will call, but but ALWAYS ignore their calls!)
  • Bing
  • Apple Maps
  • Foursquare
  • 850zip
  • Yellowpages
  • Angie's List
  • Alignable

Ranking & Advertising In Google Maps

When customers are searching for potential places to stay, a high majority use Google to search. For most areas Google provides a map with options. They also list the top options to consider. Do you come up in that search?

There are two ways you can be at the top of that search--through paid ads or working to organically rank at the top. It comes down to how quickly do you want to get there. Paying for ads get's you there immediately. Paying to rank there can take months and sometimes years. Doing both until you constantly rank is a smart investment.

Paid Ads

Organic Ranking


We're here to help you get any and all of these items setup and running for your business so that you're seeing the growth that you need. What are the costs? We have monthly marketing plans that are custom fit to your needs. Take a look at our pricing page. Scroll down to Monthly Packages.


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