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March 18

Innovative Custom Jewelry

Competition is tougher than ever for custom jewelers. Many face cheap template rings flooding the market from China. Video is an important tool! Why? Through video you can show how your jewelry business is personal, local, and flexible. Customers want a trusted place to handle an important purchase.

Micah Moeller at Innovative Custom Jewelry realized the need for video in order to stand apart. He wanted to share his unique story and process for building custom jewelry. 


Working with us is simple. Micah met with us over the phone and we discussed the video content he wanted to create. He wanted a main video for his home page and then a couple promotional videos. We were able to expand that to about 20 different videos consisting of promotional, educational, and testimonial videos as well as a few videos for his website.

Once we nailed down the ideas we collaborated the specific scripts for his videos. Everything was written in Micah's voice and the scripts were all unquietly his.

Micah Moeller

Jewelry Store Owner

The scripting process really surprised me. We planned out so many more videos than I thought we could. The day of filming was smooth and they made me feel comfortable on camera!

Day of Filming

Usually we'll start by filming the owner--Micah. He went through the audio portions of all his videos. Being on camera can be quite difficult especially for those that are not used to it. We do all that we can to create a comfortable environment where you can thrive and clearly speak your message.

Next we filmed customers interacting with Micah. These folks also make great testimonials that can really help boost the credibility of your video content.

Finally we filmed Micah doing what he does best--make jewelry. These shots really helped enhance his videos giving people have a window into the magic of making custom jewelry.

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are typically short giving the viewer a simple message. The goal is to get the customer to come in and experience what you have to offer. Micah wanted to give a discount on his custom ring package but he wasn't exactly sure what he wanted to do:

  • 10% off
  • 50% off design fee
  • Complementary design (no design fee)

All were great ideas so we filmed all three versions for him to test.

Educational Videos

Explaining common questions your customers have will help them understand that you know what you're talking about--that your the expert. We created several videos answers questions like cleaning rings, custom designs, and how to avoid loosing stones.

It's easy to forget educational topics because you cover this stuff everyday. We'll help you determine what questions to put into videos.

Testimonial Videos

Telling people how great you are can quickly come across as conceded however getting a happy customer talking about how great you are is different. That's why testimonial videos are so powerful. Plus, a video comes across as more believable--the words are coming out of their mouths. That's harder to dispute as not true. 

We helped Micah grab testimonial videos during his shoot that normally he wouldn't have thought of.

1 Video Shoot = 30 Videos

Don't struggle to get your videos made alone. Work with us to help have a smooth and successful experience. With our packages you can turn one affordable video shoot into 20-30 videos (see our packages). 


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