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November 7

Guild Mortgage – Tom Stone

When you’re looking to grow your business, it can be hard to know where to start. Tom Stone was not new in the mortgage industry when he was looking to expand his client base. He was known as someone that people could go to to fix failing loans, someone people thought of as a backup plan. He decided to use the tool of video advertising with the goal of becoming the first choice people go to when looking for a mortgage loan. 

What Video Content?

It's a common challenge to figure out what content to make. On top of that, it's a bigger challenge to be okay with being on camera. Tom had been talking to customers for 20 years about mortgage. He was passionate simply because he wanted to help people. He wanted to share answers that would help people make smarter financial decisions.

We first started by creating series of answers to common questions. As these video circulated the community he became known as an expert who really knows his stuff. Take a look at these playlists of videos. Each series was roughly a Mini or Half-Day shoot (see our packages).

Tom Stone

Mortgage Consultant

Let's cut to the chase: I make more money! Does it work? Yes it does and I'm proof of that. I couldn't encourage you more to do what I did with Jeff and his team!


Not only did Tom make great educational content but he also created decided to actively market himself. Below is an example of a campaign we ran for him. First you'll see a video advertisement specifically on Facebook. This ad quickly talked to our audience about the financial opportunity turning their current home into a rental and buying their next home. A viewer would click and fill out their name, email and phone number. Tom's team would follow up with the lead and eventually take them through the loan process.

Facebook Ad

Landing Page

Marketing Tom's videos increased his awareness in his community. Not only did this increase lead generation but also, in-bound calls, and past-customer referrals. This kind of consistent video marketing has lead to Tom's success. He's now experiencing three year-over-year growth. He's proud to now be in the Top 1% of Mortgage Originators in America!


Organic Views



3 Years

Record Growth


Overall Growth

When it comes to running a video marketing campaign, Socialize Video can help you from start to finish. We can produce effective and quality videos and put them to good use through Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram marketing. We offer a variety of different packages that make our service effective and affordable. Whether you’re looking for a full campaign with an all day shoot, or just a series of videos you film on your smartphone and send to us to edit- we’ve got you covered. Don’t make the mistake of running a social media campaign without video! The stats show clearly that video enhances and makes a campaign more effective. Head on over to to learn more!


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