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May 25

Fijn Co Recipe Videos Case Study

Fijn Co is a hot chocolate company that specializes in creating healthy, delicious drinks. The founder, Annie Bradley, was fed up with the unhealthy additives in most hot chocolate products, so she decided to make her own. She then gathered a team of like-minded individuals (her daughter and daughter-in-laws) who shared her vision of creating a healthier and happier world. 

With that, they began their journey to find the best ingredients to create the best possible product.

To further Fijn Co’s goal, they approached our team to help them develop a social media video marketing strategy. The objective was to create engaging recipe videos that showcase their products, which could be used for both vertical and horizontal formats, similar to the popular “Tasty” style videos.

Obviously, a lot of people are already familiar with the style of “Tasty” type videos, but to those who haven’t heard of “Tasty”, their videos typically involve short, fast-paced clips of food being prepared and are super popular for 3 reasons:

Visual Appeal 

Their videos are visually stunning and appealing, with bright colors, close-up shorts and mouth-watering dishes. This makes them eye-catching and easy to share on social media.

Easy to Watch

The short length of these videos makes them easy to watch and consume, even when people are busy or on the go. They’re also often accompanied by simple, easy-to-follow recipes, which makes them accessible to even the most beginner cooks.

Social Media Sharing

Their videos are often shared widely on social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram, which has helped to spread their popularity. People enjoy sharing content that they find entertaining and visually appealing with their friends and family.

Lastly, it’s about the Foodie Culture. The rise of this subculture has led to a growing interest in cooking and sharing recipes. Tasty-style videos tap into this trend by providing quick and easy recipes that are accessible to anyone, regardless of their skill level in the kitchen.

Like the popular adage, “Don’t fix what isn’t broken”, we incorporated a similar “Tasty” style formula for Fijn Co’s videos. To start, one example would be how we created Fijn Co’s “Coco Nutty Fijn” video recipe.

The video consisted of high-quality close up shots of the ingredients and the mixing of the recipe, including the small details like the hand sprinkling salt into the mix. As we filmed the whole recipe process and produced the video, we also added text overlays that explain each step of the recipe. We wanted to make sure that viewers could follow along with ease, and that the recipe would be clear and straightforward.

Additionally, the video was shot in 60 frames per second (fps) to allow for slowed-down footage, which can be useful in creating an appealing and visually engaging video.

As an extra step, we pulled several images from the video footage that can later be repurposed in the recipe book. This step was essential to ensure consistency and a cohesive look between the social media videos and the recipe book.

To streamline the process further, we also created a clip library of all the footage we captured. This library would enable our team to efficiently create different video content and quickly retrieve footage when needed.

Taking all these strategies together, our team went straight to work on the video. Basically, the whole process of their recipe videos involved selecting the best shots, editing the footage, adding the text overlays, and exporting the final video. Our team paid close attention to detail to ensure that the final product met the client’s expectations and aligned with their brand identity.

Do you want to drive your business up a notch? Partnering with experts like us can help you unlock the full potential of your video content to make it more engaging and impactful. We strive to drive better results in the ever-evolving world of social media marketing.


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