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March 8

5 Best Types of Videos for Small Businesses With a Limited Budget

Looking for the best types of videos for small businesses with a limited budget? We understand what it’s like because we’ve been there, done that. But no worries because you can still use video marketing despite your current situation!

Today, here are the questions we will answer:

  1. What are the best types of videos for your small business?
  2. Why should you have at least one explainer video?
  3. How can tutorial videos help you?
  4. Why are video testimonials powerful?

Let’s get started.

5 Best Types of Videos for Small Businesses With a Limited Budget

Videos seem expensive, but some types of videos are actually perfect for small businesses and startups because they aren’t expensive to produce. In fact, some of them don’t cost anything because you can produce them by yourself.

Digital marketing has allowed anyone to promote their business without spending so much money or any money at all. If you have an internet connection, you can do a lot of things online and for free!

5 Best Types of Videos for Small Businesses With a Limited Budget

The only difference between paid and free advertising is that you will be able to reach your goals faster if you spend because you have access to more options that can help you target the right audience. The more money you spend, the faster you will get there.

But if you aren’t rushing, then you can stick to the free methods until you have enough budget.

What Are the Best Types of Videos for Small Businesses?

There are people anywhere on the internet, but you have to make sure that you focus on the platforms where your target audience is so that your efforts don’t go to waste. You are a small business, so now is the time to be cautious.

Here are the best types of videos for small businesses that can help you attract more customers and achieve your goals at little to no cost.

1. Social Media Stories

One good thing about social media stories is that you don’t have to make the videos high-quality. What people want is for you to share stories that are genuine. They want you to show your real and raw side to them through those stories.

5 Best Types of Videos for Small Businesses With a Limited Budget

Social media stories are a great way to build a deep relationship with your audience because allowing them to see what happens behind the scenes makes them trust you more. People connect with people who are open to them.

2. Social Media Video Ads

Social media video ads are paid, but you can control how much you spend. If you have a limited budget, you can spend as little as you want. It is possible to run ad campaigns even if you have $10 in your pocket!

But the thing about social media video ads is that you have to do A/B testing to see what kind of video ad will take you to your desired destination. For our clients, we create three ads and test each out and compare the performance. But you can create just two.

3. Explainer Videos

You shouldn’t let your audience know just your business. You have to show them how your products work as well. If they don’t know how to operate your products or what the purpose of your product is, then they won’t see any reason to buy.

5 Best Types of Videos for Small Businesses With a Limited Budget

Explainer videos can be expensive, but you won’t need more than one explainer video to reach your goal. You will be able to get huge returns fast if that one video is really good. If you aren’t on a very tight budget, this is a great option to consider.

4. Tutorial Videos

If you have time and are willing to share your knowledge and experience, try posting tutorial videos. People are drawn to people who give value to them and answer their questions, so if you educate your audience through videos, they will likely stick with you.

You can post tutorial videos on social media or YouTube. People don’t stop learning, so there will always be people who will benefit from what you have learned.

5. Video Testimonials

Showing people what people say about your business will help you attract more customers because good reviews boost your credibility. If people think you are good and they don’t hesitate to say that, it would help other customers with their decision-making. It will benefit you, too!

5 Best Types of Videos for Small Businesses With a Limited Budget

Written reviews work as well. However, it will be easier for your audience to connect to someone they see and hear. If you want your audience not to cast doubt on the reviews you’ve received, if possible, ask for video testimonials.


We live in an age where almost anything is possible due to the internet. Anyone can know what is happening anywhere, meet a lot of people, and be the person they want to be in a few clicks.

It’s easier now than it’s ever been for businesses to expand their customer base and be successful.

We know that producing high-quality videos takes time and costs a lot. But the thing about being a small business is that you don’t have a lot to lose yet, so you can try out different methods and see which method works best for you and your business.

But that’s not to say that you can take many risks. Another thing about being a small business is that you have little resources, so you have to be smart about how you will use those. You have little to lose, but those little things could be very important.

Most internet users spend most of their time watching videos, which is why video marketing is effective. Here are some of the best types of videos for small businesses with a limited budget:

  1. Social media stories
  2. Social media video ads
  3. Explainer videos
  4. Tutorial videos
  5. Video testimonials

Videos are easy to consume, so people love them. If you are now thinking of using videos for your business, feel free to reach out to us and we’d be happy to help you!


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