January 20

Basinger CPA: How Smart Video Production Can Save Your Business Time (& Money!) in the Long Run


What’s one thing that CPAs don’t have much of during tax season? If you guessed “spare time” you’d probably be right! Here’s how we helped Basinger CPA launch a successful new line of landing page videos, all while saving them time and energy.

When it comes to video production, many businesses fixate solely on the quality of the video – which is important, of course! Creating professional, high-quality videos is one of our top priorities - but it’s also only one piece of the equation for a successful and efficient video campaign. Choosing an inexperienced video producer can end up costing you much more time and money than you’d expect. Using our recent experience with Basinger CPA, we’ll demonstrate how we can help you maximize and streamline your video production in order to achieve the dynamic results you’re seeking for your business.

Recently, Brian from Basinger CPA approached us with a particular marketing goal in mind: to create specific videos targeted to each of their fastest-growing industries in order to showcase the range of their services. Like any forward-thinking company, Basinger CPA studied its growing client list to identify and prioritize clients in burgeoning industries – in their case, dental, veterinary, and digital agencies. Their goal was to convert traffic to leads on their landing pages, a service we were happy to provide for them.

But here’s the thing – these CPAs were also about to launch into the busiest season of their year: tax season. Fortunately, using smart video production we were able to create videos for their target audiences while also streamlining the video production process, saving Basinger CPA precious time and energy.

So how did we do it? First, we worked with Brian to help organize his message so that he was showcasing his services well, and recorded a generic introduction built around that message. Then, we filmed the opening sentence of the video a few more times, narrowing the message so that each video could highlight the specific industries Basinger CPA was hoping to target. 

The result? Not only did Brian get key videos covering each of his three services areas (CFO Services, CPA Services, & Tax Planning Services), but each service area also had a version specific to each target industry. 

To watch the full versions of Basinger CPA’s landing page videos (generic versions), see below.

The key to maximizing your video production is to find a video production partner who thinks through the production process so that you don’t have to. Yes, you could probably find someone willing to produce your videos at a cheaper cost – but what they lack is the experience we offer, with these time-saving techniques and strategies.

We recognize that your time is valuable. Start planning out your next video by scheduling a scripting session!


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