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November 5

Landmarks West Case Study: Video Filming Your Home Design

Video filming home and architectural design is a powerful visual that brings the beauty and functionality of residential spaces to life. Through expertly crafted visual storytelling, we showcase the intricate details, elegant designs, and thoughtful layouts of homes, highlighting their unique features and ambiance. This immersive experience not only captivates viewers but also plays a crucial role in showcasing properties to clients, providing them with a comprehensive and engaging preview that ignites their imagination and sparks interest in the potential of each home.

In our previous blog post titled “Hook Points,” we mentioned Landmarks West was one of our customers who integrated specific elements and strategies that capture the users’ attention, compelling them to take action. These strategies engage users and draw them into the marketing message, ultimately leading to more conversion or desired outcomes. As a refresher, Landmarks West is a custom home construction company that values collaboration with their clients. They are a very transparent building firm from their quotes, to progress updates, to the final invoice, they focus on high-quality, on-budget, and timely construction! Today, we look back at the content performance from the reels we created and analyze how long it took to reach the desired number, amount of reach, and type of content.

Facebook Reels Performance Insights

We love making quality content for our clients, but at the end of the day, it’s all about the results. Here are the results of some of the videos we created for Landmarks West.

1. Extra Space Turned Into a Gaming Nook

In this reel, we showcased how Landmarks West implemented their expertise in converting an extra space into a dedicated gaming nook.

Watch the video here

The post reached 1,995 viewers, gaining momentum after 1 day and 21 hours since posting. Typically, the reels that Landmarks West posts have a reach of 109 to 477 viewers. So definitely a big bump! on their average.

2. Transform and Modernize With Lesa Peer’s Design Team

This reel, posted around Feb 13, 2023, highlighted Landmark’s West collaboration with Lesa Peer’s design in a home transformation project. The performance of the reel and credit to the content reveals the following metrics it gathered.

Watch the video here

The reel reached 1,547 viewers, gaining momentum after 1 day and 21 hours, and continued to rise to peak views over the next 7 days.

These two metrics demonstrate the effect that these carefully crafted reels provided during the period of Jan – Sep 2023, the page witnessed substantial growth. Their page reach increased by an impressive 15,867 reach (2.4k% growth).

Now, let’s examine their Instagram Reel metric performance.

1. How to Define Small Spaces Better

In this example, the content was about defining small spaces more effectively, which is an incredible niche in today’s market due to the economical value and aesthetic pleasure of maximizing every nook and cranny.The performance metrics offer valuable insights: The post reached 1,454 accounts and garnered 33 interactions, including 30 likes, 1 share, 5 saves, and 2,510 views.

Watch the video here

2. Basement Conversion Video

Basement conversion has gained popularity once again due to gaining a substantial extra amount of space without major excessive work. The video was talking about an elevation issue where the view from the outside is obstructed and where retaining walls come in as a solution.

The reel performed extremely well with a reach of 2,335 accounts and received 27 interactions, consisting of 22 likes, 3 shares, 3 saves, and 2,392 views.

Watch the video here

3. A Small Space to a Gamer’s Hideout

This reel also gained a lot of traction due to the nature of the content and its intended audience. This was about  Landmarks West demonstrating their expertise in the transformation of a small, underutilized space into a dedicated gamer’s hideout.

Posted on March 22, 2023, the post reached an impressive 2,264 accounts, demonstrating a strong level of interest from the audience. The interactions included 74 likes, 2 comments, and 8 shares, signaling viewers’ willingness to share the content piece with their network. It was also played 3,428 times which says a lot! People are interested in transformational types of videos.

Watch the video here

4. From a Small Room to an en Suite

Another transformational video about a simple small room converted to an ensuite and definitely a popular option as well. Who doesn’t like having their own private bathroom connected to their room?

The performance metrics of this one have reached 1,388 accounts and saw engagements with 46 interactions, comprising 39 likes, 2 comments, 3 shares, 2 saves, and 2,499 plays.

Watch the video here

5. Modern Kitchen

This transformational video was about converting a long, skinny, and dark type of kitchen into a spacious, airy, space with natural light, which is the most contemporary design trend. Just like any room, natural lighting helps bring life and energy into areas that families use most.

The video reached 2,019 accounts and 41 interactions with 38 likes, 5 shares, 2 saves, and 3,286 plays.

Watch the video here

Powering Through with Strategic Content

Landmarks West’s reel success on Facebook and Instagram underscores the power of strategic content and dedicated video editing. By capitalizing on each platform’s ability to capture and drive attention through high-quality content, they have effectively harnessed the power of expanding their engagement. It’s all about strategically creating content that’s really suited for the platform you’re on. There is no one-size-fits-all the digital marketing landscape.

This is why we encourage businesses to consider the advantages of hiring a dedicated video editing team. This team can bring consistency, creativity, and professionalism to your content, ensuring that it not only looks visually appealing but also aligns with your brand message and objectives. By investing in these, you too can maximize the impact of your visual content.


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