January 17

Collaboration Is Better: Sunsolar Solutions Case Study


While it is possible to achieve a goal by yourself, no one in this world knows everything, so you will need to get other people involved. You will need their expertise and perspective, especially when problems occur and you don’t have the ability to solve them.

Even if there is an established process for making videos, there are still times when unexpected things just pop up in the middle of the process, and in those times, you need to know what to do or who to approach so you can navigate the situation.

That’s what you can learn from the experience we had with Sunsolar Solutions, which is a brand that helps people save electricity bills and protect the environment through solar panels.

Collaboration Is Better: Sunsolar Solutions Case Study

The video we made for Sunsolar Solutions required a green screen in the background, but since the client hasn’t experienced setting up a green screen, they needed help. Phillip, our project manager who has experience in video production, helped him without a second thought.

The client encountered audio problems as well, and Phillip didn’t hesitate to also offer suggestions to fix those.

When the client is done filming, thanks to Phillip, they submitted the raw video to us so the video editor could start editing. But part of the video editing, too, was replacing the green screen with a good background, so we called in Meeka, one of our graphic designers.

When Meeka was in the process of designing the background, she made sure that it’s on-brand. Sunsolar Solutions uses many different colors, so she gave the client options. Here are those options:

We at Socialize Video help businesses with their video marketing, and we’ve been able to do that because we are a group of experienced and talented creatives and video professionals who work together and collaborate to reach a common goal.

If our team consisted of only video editors, graphic designers, project managers, or writers… or if everyone were minding their own businesses, then we wouldn’t be able to create awesome videos for our clients. That’s why collaboration is important.


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