February 27

inForm Architecture Testimonials


In this case study you'll see how inForm Architecture was able to use the videos we produced to become a preferred vendor for one of the largest builders in the intermountain west. One of the key decisions they made, was to use the power of customer testimonials to drive their message home. Here's how! 

Why Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos can be some of the best marketing videos you can use when attracting new customers. The reason is pretty simple: People want to envision what value your product or service will make in their lives or business. By watching someone who is seeing success, the viewer will get a different perspective about you. 

Most companies look for a quantity of testimonials. The idea is, the more people saying how good the product or service is, the more likely a new customer will also buy. Quantity is not always the best strategy. Instead, you want to look for a story that will help showcase what makes you different.

Text Quote VS Video

Think about it: Would you rather read a short text testimonial or watch a video about someones experience? Honestly a text quote could easily be made up or manipulated to say whatever the company wants. Its much harder to get a real customer to say something that isn't fully accurate. Seeing the person speak about their experience can be very convincing to the viewer and help build trust and sales momentum. 

Which do you like better?

"Rob is a person that cares about his work and about his clients. It shows throughout the entire process. It's not just a job to him! He'll always be a part of the Alpine family."

Testimonials In Advertising Campaigns

Another powerful aspect to the testimonial video is how it can boost your social media marketing campaigns. Imagine a potential customer seeing one of your ads marketing your product or service. Because they watched the majority of that video we can assume they're intrigued by your message. More than likely it's a typical marketing video, pitching from the company's perspective. Next, this potential customer see's another ad but this time, instead of another marketing video it's a testimonial video. This is where the viewer sees another perspective from a real customer (like them) that they can relate to. Do you think the likelihood of a purchase has gone up?

More Video For Your Buck!

Probably just like you, inForm Architecture wanted quality videos but not just one. They wanted multiple videos for different purposes. One key value that we offer our clients is a library of polished clips from the video shoot. What does that mean? You'll walk away with your core videos but also a library of the usable clips. This has allowed inForm Architecture to throw together a quick video for proposals or pitches. 

Providing a clip library shows that we're organized and forward thinking. When it comes time to make the next set of videos we'll have easily on hand past clips ready to be used (not forgotten like many production houses).

Here's a flavor of inForm Architecture's clip library


testimonial videos

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