December 14

Want to Speed Up the Video Creation Process? Here’s How Particle Works


Even if things don’t go as planned sometimes, being prepared can still help speed up the video creation process because it eliminates confusion. We saw the impact of having a solid idea and being clear right from the start when we were doing the project How Particle Works for the company Particle Health.

Even before Particle Health approached us, they already had a script, visual ideas, and brand guidelines ready for the video we were going to make. The document that was given to us had clear ideas we could pull from, and considering that Particle Health is in an industry that is often misunderstood by most people, it helped us do things right.

We don’t require our clients to write a script for their videos on their own because we offer a free scripting session where we help them develop a concept for their video. But we follow a process when creating videos, and when the scripting is removed from that process, things can progress much faster.

Want to Speed Up the Video Creation Process? Here’s How Particle Works

The video we made for Particle Health, which aims to help their audience understand How Particle Works, is a motion graphics video. The concept of the video is simple, but we had to be attentive to details and you will know why when you watch the video we made for them:

The client had most of the rough ideas for the visuals, and that made the work of the animators easier, which resulted in a quicker turnaround. Less time spent on technical minutia means more time for the animators to hone in on fluid movement and transitions.

It can take months to finish an animation of this complexity, but because Particle Health had been clear about their expectations throughout the process, we were able to get the video done within just a month!

Now, we won’t expect you to have solid ideas for your video when you work with us, but if you have expectations, it’s better if you let those be known right off the bat to lessen the back and forth communication and the number of revisions, which both prolong the process.


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